Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lisa o Piu - Behind The Bend - 2010

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Subliminal Sounds, SUB-071-LP/SUB-072-CD, Sweden

01 Was it the Moon
02 Simplicity
03 Dreams of Goats
04 World Falling Down
05 Child of Trees
06 Gong for Hours (Jupiter’s Under the Moon)

Brand new recordings from this bewitching Swedish folk siren and her band.
This is the follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut album “When this was the future”. To get inspiration for the creation of the new album “Behind the Bend” (technically this is a "mini album") Lisa spent time in a small cottage located deep in the vast woods of Vastmanland, Sweden, where she enjoyed the last breath of the summer.
Every evening she and David walked further in to the woods to an old rowing boat that lay on the edge of a forest lake. In the light of the magically ever glowing Swedish summer midnight sun they paddled across the lake and then further along a forest creek with lush green trees that hangs down over the fresh running water and water lilies. This is the kind of set and setting where you travel into another world….and they did. The initial recordings were made under a vaulted blue ceiling with gold stars in the old 15th century timber church of Hjulsjo, Sweden.

The new album is filled with delicious and bewitching watery woodland folk hymnals, eloquent yet eerie. The harp has been given more space, the violin plays a greater role, the twelve-stringed guitar plays graceful melodies and all is led by Lisa's gossamer vocals, as delicate as a wavering candle flame. Come along for the ride.

CD Limited edition of 1200 copies worldwide. LP Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide.

For me this is the best work until now! Highly Recommended!!!

Especially to my friend Richard


Richard said...

I apologise for not immediately thanking you enough for sharing and dedicating this album to me; such a kind gesture! I was particularly impressed by Lisa o Piu's 'When This Was The Future'. So much so this has proven a starting point for building up Neofolk, for clarity's sake, as contributions to an expanding music library. I've yet to honestly soak up all the music I requested but from the sporadic listens I have so allowed, these have all held up much promise!

One such 'Neofolk' favourite of mine is Faun Fables; it is best, I find to begin with their 2004 album, 'Mother Twilight'. Quite unlike anything I've ever heard before! Similarly, this observation was found with the Odawas' 'The Aether Eater'. Its music influences are harder to grapple with yet their other albums are more conventional in format and composition. Throughout each, more so in 'The Aether Eater', I could compare it to a rather dissonant-sounding Neil Young issuing from deserted radio flicking between stations!

Many thanks once again and it is great to see such a refreshing amalgam of music!

Anonymous said...

Hi There!
I'm an old folk collector, and i think could be interesting listen
the records of new groups on this field, but unfortunately i can't find the right button or word to download some of them from your
well done and competent internet page (LinkWithin open other pages that seems haven't nothing to do
with the download) so please could you help me in finding the exact way for open th download pages?

thanks in advance and all the best!


graaf24 said...

Dear thegreek,

Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site) about “how download” some albums:
Request the album or albums you would like to hear in the comment section under that album's. Please leave your e-mail address. Your email address will not be seen by anyone except me! No links will be shown on this place.

Greetings, Graaf (an old folk collector too)

blagol said...

this is a very mysterious album, thanx so much!


L said...

While some of the music is a bit "introspective" for me, your blog features some wonderful stuff, nonetheless. Thanks for all the time and effort to assemble and share.

graaf24 said...

Hi L,
Thanks for your kindly words. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the vinyl and it's really great! I would love to have alsothe mp3 version for my ipod...

J. said...

This is truly a beautiful Lp..thankyou very much for sharing it..
Selfishly i hope that this artist does not make it to the 'mainstream'where the media can distort and attempt to cheapen - as they do with most things of natural quality and being.
Thanks again.

andy.thompson said...

A beautiful, beautiful album. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful album! Thanks so much.

Sebastian Ahlqvist said...


It would be lovely if you could share this album and When This Was The Future. Their sound is just something else!


graaf24 said...

Hi Seb,
please read disclaimer (right top corner)on my blog.
I need your e=mail address...
cheers, Graaf

brtjn said...

good day!

I applied for this and her other album before as blagol, that was more than 6 years ago, after sadly lost my hd drive I'm trying to get things back, is it possible you can provide me with links for both her albums? I will be so grateful if you can, thanx!

graaf24 said...

Hi Bert,
Please give me valid e-mail address, blagol@.... no exist.

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