Friday, November 6, 2009

Autumn Grieve - Stray Birds EP - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Corbel Stone, CDr, Limited Edition, UK
01 Alight
02 Within Hollows
03 Shades
04 Revenants
05 Depart
06 Kneel
07 The Colling (see below: Aeolian Edition .....)

Autumn Grieve: guitar, vocals
Richard Skelton: strings, piano

CDr is packaged in handmade canvas card wallets with two inserts, bound in translucent paper and sealed with golden wax.
Limited to 21 numbered copies.

Stray Birds is a collection of songs penned from the shared soil of past failings and continuing hope. It was recorded in Cumbria and Lancashire, England, in the early winter of 2009.

Cover illustration from Historia Animalium (Volume III), first published in 1551, Conrad Gesner
by Alexander Francis Lydon - White Owl

Very beautifully music too! Not to be missed this one!

Aeolian Edition (Digital Album, released 09 January 2013) contains the additional song, "The Calling", first released as part of the "Vertical Integration" compilation on Second Language, 2010.

Autumn Grieve - Stray Birds (Digital Album) - 2013

07 The Colling (bonus track)

Big thanks to my friend Babu who reminds me on this beautiful song!

Autumn Grieve - Terra Infinita (Extended Edition) EP - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Not On Label (Self-released), CDr, Limited Edition, UK

01 Flown
02 The Balance And The Beauty
03 Today The Rain
04 The Borrowed Light Of Memory
05 Sea-Maiden's Daughter
06 Hold A Light

(tracks 01 to 04)
Autumn Grieve: guitar, vocals
Scott McLaughlin: piano, violin, effects
Sean Og: baritone saxophone
Dave Colohan: tin Whistle
(tracks 05 & 06)
Autumn Grieve: guitar, vocals
Christian Frederickson: viola, mandolin

Tracks 01-04 were taken from Terra Infinita EP - 2007
Tracks 05-06 were taken from Another Window EP - 2001

A limited pressing of 100 silk screened discs, packaged in handmade canvas card wallets with one of ten herbal cover prints (The Common Yarrow, Dog Rose, The Elder, Hawthorn, Hemlock, Male-fern, The Osier, Sanicle, Scot's Lovage & Wormwood).
Each edition is individually numbered, bound in translucent paper and sealed with wax.

This young lady made one of the most intimate and beautifully recordings in years! Not to be missed this.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Espers - III - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Drag City, DC416CD, US / Wichita, UK

01 I Can't See Clear
02 The Road of Golden Dust
03 Caroline
04 The Pearl
05 That Which Darkly Thrives
06 Sightings
07 Meridian
08 Another Moon Song
09 Colony
10 Trollslända

Espers III CD/LP will be released October 20, 2009

"Recorded over the Winter and Spring of 2009, Espers III was intended to be an aural tonic to the layered fullness of the band's second offering. The idea was to record as little as possible in the hope of achieving a stronger, more oxygenated sonic presence. Where II was meant to be almost claustrophobic in its density and darkness, III was envisioned as being a lighter affair; less heavy and more nuanced. The band attempted to create something that would be perhaps cheery at times, though that mark may have been missed. As more time passed in the recording process, a growing dementia within both song and lyrics occurred, such that even the lightest of fare from III seems oddly unwholesome at heart".
"This album's shift in cover aesthetic mirrors the band's themes and their desire to reach beyond what might be expected of an Espers album. Gone is the folk art two-dimensionality so skilfully provided by the band's guitarist Brooke Sietinsons. Welcome to the three-dimensionality and metaphoric imagery of the new Espers aesthetic".
"Now officially a five piece, Espers III features bass by Greg Weeks, this being the only structural change from previous efforts. Espers II was the last full length album recorded in Greg's Hexham Head studio. Weeks and the studio have moved from city locale to pastoral backdrop, a relocation that will no doubt factor into the sonics of future Espers endeavours".

"Who says that sequels can't be better than their predecessor? With psychedelic-folk-experimentalists Espers, the music not only gets better with age, but better with each release".


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birch Book - Vol. III - A Hand Full Of Days - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Little Somebody Records, LSR 11, US (Standard Letterpress Edition)
01 Birch Leaves
02 Feet Of Clay
03 Empty Corner Of The Page
04 Left Hand
05 Patchwork Woman
06 Stray Summer Song
07 Hatched In Stone
08 Sad Song
09 Nothing More
10 White Angel
11 Right Hand
12 Life's Lace
13 Will Of The Wind (Written By: Lincoln Lysager)
14 Birch Leaves

Subhadra: chorus
Pascal Humbert: bowed contrabass, electric bass guitar
Ron Walker: hammond organ, pedal steel guitar
B'ee: voice, guitar, piano, harmonica, sundry instruments

Third in the Birch Book series, 'A Hand Full of Days' represents the culmination of a bizarre journey through 'That High Lonesome Path'.
Recorded through the years of 2006-2009 in the American Northwest: Portland, Astoria, Naselle & San Juan Island.

In a word, this is superb album as always – recommended!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Birch Book - Vol. II Fortune & Folly - 2006

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Helmet Room Recordings, US
01 Birch Sap
02 New Song
03 Whisper In The Pine
04 Young Souls
05 New Joy
06 Diaspora
07 The Wandering Boy
08 Zephyr Through Willows
09 The Trip Goes On
10 The Carnival Is Empty
11 Birch Sap

B'ee: voice, guitar, artwork by (layout, lettering & tarot renditions)
Joshua Blanchard: chorus
Molly Blanchard: chorus

Recorded on San Juan Island off the rugged coasts of the Olympic Northwest, Fortune & Folly is the fitting second volume of Birch Book. Assuming the allegorical emblems of The Wheel of Fortune and The Traveling Fool, Fortune & Folly distill the introspections of a perennial rambler reckoning "the Bitter and the Bliss" of The Road Less Traveled. Drifting away from the overtly psychedelic, medieval, and soporific atmosphere which typified In Gowan Ring, B'ee displays a more organic, individualistic approach to songwriting. Fortune & Folly blends elements of idiosyncratic folk-pop and outcast-country with brooding layers of sound and sense, yielding a spectral ethereality in a captivating chiaroscuro thick with the visionary allusions of a haunted wanderer bent upon a mythic path....
Favorable comparisons are commonly drawn with classics such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake as well as contemporary "rural-folk" such as Will Oldham and Iron & Wine.

Variously labeled 'Wyrd', 'Psychedelic' or 'Avant Folk', In Gowan Ring extend roots into poetic-folk traditions while cultivating an inimitable, self-attuned writing style that prefigured the "New-Psyche-Folke" movement. As poet, pilgrim, progenitor of wyrd-folk and maestro of In Gowan Ring, Jon Michael B'eirth (otherwise B'ee) has developed a homespun sonic tapestry with peculiar richness of vision; recording over ten full length albums and performing throughout North America & Europe in veritable itinerant fashion amidst a dozen years against the grain. As well as composing the original material for Birch Book & In Gowan Ring, B'ee collects renditions of traditional songs and builds many of the acoustic instruments featured in performances and recordings such as the recent "lyre-guitar" & "leaf cittern." Though largely self-taught, he has didactically studied the music of the Trouvères and Troubadours, the counterpoint of the High Renaissance, and modern orchestration.

B'eirth has been busy. Only about a year after the release of Birch Book's debut album, he presents his second one. Those who've heard the first album probably know what to expect, as will those who bought the live EP Tangles of the Vine. Birch Book looks to be B'ee's outlet for singer/songwriter and americana feelings, and we're not disappointed here. "New Song", "Young Souls", "New Joy", they're all examplary of his newfound relaxed vibe. That also includes the new track "Whisper in the Pine", one of his finest yet when it comes to this country-like style.
But B'ee is always full of surprises. The mysterious intro "Birch Sap" should have tipped me off that something different was coming. Defying my expectations, he delivers tracks like "Diaspora" and "Zephyr through Willows": dark, misty songs that call to mind Marissa Nadler's gloomy style.

The theme of the album - as expressed by the Tarot images of The Wheel of Fortune and The Fool - is the spirit of wandering. Of packing up your stuff, leaving everything behind and setting out into an unknown future. This is displayed quite powerfully in "The Trip Goes On", which ends in manipulated distortion, and a minute of near-silence. As if the whole album is a preamble to "The Carnival is Empty". It might as well be, for this track alone makes the album more than worthwhile. Like in that other marvellous song, Dead Can Dance's "The Carnival Is Over", carnivals seem to lend themselves best to songs when empty, dead, gone and over (remember Current 93's "The Carnival is Dead and Gone"?). Never mind the lyrical parallels. This song is a breathtakingly beautiful, melancholic conclusion of this album's theme. B'ee shows himself from a totally new side and proves at the same time that he keeps growing as an artist.

This is a brilliant album, and one of this year's highlights for all lovers of folk music in the broadest sense.
Obviously, it's a must have for everyone who likes In Gowan Ring or Birch Book.
B'eirth is truly one of the greatest songsmiths of our days.

Birch Book - Vol. I Birch Book - 2005

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Lune Music, US
01 Birch Bark
02 How The Hours...
03 Five Hundred Keys
04 Easy To Live
05 Coffee Morning
06 Eglantine
07 Train To Rome
08 Leaf Patches On Sidewalks
09 Sleepless Search
10 Warm Wind And Rain
11 Windows
12 Birch Bark

B'eirth (Bee): Vocals, guitar, lute (cittern) , piano, recorder, harmonica (mouth harp), jew's harp, harp (folk harp), xylophone, percussion (sundry percussion),
Seth Eames: telecaster electric guitar
Annabel Lee: viola
Moss (Moses): vocal chorus
Victoria: vocal chorus
Birch Book / In Gowan Ring is the mostly one-man project of B'eirth, or simply "Bee", who plays psychedelic folk music in the tradition of Nick Drake and Donovan. He arrived at the station alone with a guitar case and put on a simple but beautiful and mesmerizing set of songs laced with imagery of his travels and meditations in under populated natural locales.

The songs, twelve in all, of Birch Book, were recorded in New England from 2002 - 2004. It is interesting to note those 21st Century dates on a recording absent of any of the electronics we generally associate with this dawning century. The effect is much more timeless than dated, however, and the album does make some very nice concessions to electricity, most notably the Telecaster guitar playing of Seth Eames. Along with Annabel Lee on Viola, there is a subtle (of course!) but strong counterpoint to Bee's own acoustic guitar and voice. While the gothic/psychedelic folk sounds of his In Gowan Ring work are still there, the group brings out a decidedly "post-rock" element, though still entirely on the mellow extreme side. Fans of Will Oldham's early Palace recordings might well enjoy the Birch Book album quite a bit. I suppose what that really means is that the British folk influences are blended with some more American ones tinged slightly with country and blues instrumentation. Bee's music is in general very reflective, in Birch Book there seems to be a touch of bittersweet melancholy to this reflection.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lisa O Piu – When This Was The Future - 2009

Quality: VBR 218-259 kbps
Label: Subliminal Sounds, XMLP-SUB33 (ltd 500 copies 180 gr), SUBCD29, Sweden

01 Cinnamon Sea
02 Forest Echo
03 Traitor
04 The Party
05 Two
06 Equatorial Changes
07 Alvdans Vid Kolarkojan
08 And So On 

Lisa Isaksson: voices, guitars, flute, rhodes, percussion, etc.
Anders Engqvist: accordion, percussion, clarinet, etc.
David Svedmyr: electric guitar, 12-string guitar, bass pedals, mellotron, percussion, etc.
Joel Munther: bass, acoustic guitar, voice
Jennie Ståbis: voice, melodica, percussion, etc.
Maria Lagerlöf: voice, flute, percussion, etc.

"The songs are about being conscious in relationships close to natural processes with that touch of magic and romantiscm, facing the differences of one mind and two, or two sources in one, of cycles and processes. Lisa Isaksson has the sweetness of natural magic in her voice, crystal clear and with overdubbed vocal arrangements. Accompanied by acoustic and electrified acoustic guitar, while glockenspiel, flute moods, fiddle and such and some mellotron add dreamy flavours. Progressive music minded Mattias Gustavsson (Life on Earth! / Dungen) has produced the album, leaving his mark by filling some spaces with additional arrangements. A beautiful new addition to the old classics like These Trails, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs".

Highly recommended!

Lisa O Piu - Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters and Sailors (7" vinyl single Ltd) - 2008

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Autumn Ferment Records, AFR001, UK (Limited to 500 numbered copies on black vinyl)

A1 Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters and Sailors  
B1 Equatorial Changes

Lisa Isaksson: all instruments & vocals, artwork cover, written & recorded

"Lisa O Piu's (Lisa Isaksson) 7" vinyl, featuring sleeve art by Lisa herself, heralds the first release for Autumn Ferment Records. 
'Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters and Sailors' and 'Equatorial Changes' provide a fantastic introduction to the otherworldly 
sound that Lisa creates. Lyrically nostalgic and thought provoking, Lisa's hushed vocals combined with stirring harmonies 
and dreamlike melodies tenderly picked on acoustic guitar warrant comparisons to classic late sixties and early seventies 
recordings by the likes of Linda Perhacs, Joni Mitchell or Vashti Bunyan. Influences and comparisons aside, Lisa's well 
structured compositions bring their own unique qualities to the present day blend of alternative folk". 

"Taken from Lisa's home recorded lo-fi gem of a cdr, these two tracks capture the original rustic charm of her early sessions 
and the feel of a one take recording. Now preserved on the holiest of musical formats, these recordings will stand to represent 
the ascent of a truly talented musician who has a great future ahead of her".

Monday, August 10, 2009

Avital Raz - Strange Love Songs EP - 2007

Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self release

01 Migraine in Katmandu
02 Weep
03 Migraine in Jerusalem
04 A Strange Love Song
05 In You
06 All Pains

Avital Raz: guitar, tanpura, vocals, backing vocals
Ofra Avni: bansuri flute

Israeli singer-songwriter Avital Raz is trained in both classical western and Indian classical music. Her album is (~28 minute) an intimate fusion of folk, Indian classical music, English Renaissance and American singer-songwriters. 

Beautiful music – Not to be missed this!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus - Leaves From Off The Tree - 2006

Quality: VBR 175-217 kbps
Label: Bo'Weavil Recordings, Weavil 16, UK

01 Bruton Town
02 Barbry Ellen
03 Furtune My Foe
04 Willie Of Winsbury
05 The Nightingale
06 John Hardy
07 The Derry Dems Of Arrow
08 Now Westlin' Winds (Lyrics By: Robert Burns)
09 False Sir John

Meg Baird:vocals, guitar
Helena Espvall: vocals, cello
Sharron Kraus: vocals, guitar, dulcimer

Meg Baird - Dear Companion - 2007

Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Label: Drag City, DC340CD, US / Wichita, WEBB145CD, UK

01 Dear Companion (written by: Traditional)
02 River Song (written by: Chris Thompson)
03 The Cruelty Of Barbary Allen (written by: Traditional)
04 Do What You Gotta Do (written by: Jimmy Webb)
05 Riverhouse In Tinicum (written by: Meg Baird)
06 The Waltze Of The Tennis Players (written by: Allan H. Fraser)
07 Maiden In The Moor Lay (written by: Meg Baird)
08 Sweet William And Fair Ellen (written by: Traditional)
09 All I Ever Wanted (written by: John C. Dawson)
10 Willie O'Winsbury (written by: Traditional)
11 Dear Companion (A Cappella) (written by: Traditional)

Meg Baird: acoustic guitar, vocals

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haruko & Hlynur Gudjonsson - Stable Session EP - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Gold and Silver Recordings, GS-FREE-001 / Free Digital file

01 Chicago (Hlynur Gudjonsson) 5:38
02 Spring in Our Lungs (Haruko) 3:13

This session was recorded live with two microphones in a little stable out on the field nearby my home on the 25th of January 2009 by Gold and Silver Recordings. It contains one song from each artist.

The songs were performed by the two of them. The picture on the cover is actually the place this session was recorded. 
We hope you enjoy these songs.

Haruko - Wild Geese - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Bracken Records, FERN13, UK/US

01 Welcome to Loveland
02 Spring in Our Lungs
03 Man in the Moon
04 Autumn, Golden Trees
05 The Bright Lights
06 Morning Dreams
07 The Mountain Adventure
08 Winter
09 The Dragon's Tears
10 Goodbye my Love, Goodbye

Haruko is Susanne Stanglow (Susi) and she currently resides in Bremen, Germany!
Susi recorded this album during three weeks in december 2008 at her house.
Limited Vinyl (300 copies) housed in a 12" sleeve with lyric insert.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Espers - II - 2006

Quality: CBR 320 kbps (incl. covers for jewel case)
Label: Drag City, DC310CD, US / Wichita, WEBB110CD, UK

01 Dead Queen
02 Widow's Weed
03 Cruel Storm
04 Children of Stone
05 Mansfield & Cyclops
06 Dead King
07 Moon Occults the Sun

Performer: Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Otto Hauser, Brooke Sietinsons, Chris Smith, Greg Weeks
Featuring: Alex Abrash, Jesse Sparhawk, Willie Lane, Gary Olsen, Lord Whimsey and Paul Sommerstein, Esq.
Instruments: Martin 6-string acoustic guitars, male & female larynx, Fender Jazz Bass, cello, recorder, flute (as played by Laura Baird), sleigh bells, gongs, bells, '78 Les Paul Custom, Space Echo, Echoplex, Crumar Toccata, Crumar Performer, Univox Mini-Korg, dulcimer, Yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar, Arp Odyssey, Omnichord, Doric transistorised organ, singing bowels, drum kit, doumbek, dholak, bongos, Crybaby, Blue Box, Big Muff (Russian), and Fuzzrite.

Espers - The Weed Tree - 2005

Quality: CBR 320 kbps (incl. covers)
Label: Locust Music, LOCUST 73, US

01 Rosemary Lane
02 Tomorrow
03 Black Is the Color
04 Afraid
05 Blue Mountain
06 Flaming Telepaths
07 Dead King

Meg Baird: acoustic guitar, organ, vocals
Brooke Sietinsons: acoustic guitar
Chris Smith: bass,  percussion
Helena Espvall: cello
Otto Hauser: drums, harmonium, percussion
Greg Weeks: percussion, recorder, synthesizer, vocals

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Espers - Espers - 2003

Quality: CBR 320 kbps (incl. covers)
Label: Locust Music, LOCUST 44, US / Wichita, WEBB084CD, UK

01 Flowery Noontide
02 Meadow
03 Riding
04 Voices
05 Hearts & Daggers
06 Byss & Abyss
07 Daughter
08 Travel Mountains

Brooke Sietinsons: acoustic guitar, guitar 12-string, finger cymbal, percussion, chimes, harmonica
Margie Wienk: cello
Quentin Stoltzfus: effects, tone generator
Laura Baird: flute
Matt Everett: viola
Tara Burke: vocals
Meg Baird: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bowed guitar, dulcimer
Greg Weeks: vocals, electric guitar, dulcimer, keyboards, recorder, autoharp, bass, violin, percussion, chimes, recorded

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Cow Girl In the Sand - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Unreleased / Digital File

01 Cow Girl In the Sand (Unreleased)(written by Neil Young)

(One more Neil Young cover - the GREAT one!)

Marissa Nadler - Daytrotter Session - 2007

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Daytrotter Session - Live 2007 October 19 / Radio Session - Digital File

01 Sylvia
02 Diamond Heart
03 Salutations in the Dark (previously unreleased)
04 Honey Bear

Marissa Nadler: acoustic guitar, vocals
Engineered by Brad Kopplin, Futureappletree Studio One

Dream folk musician and artist Marissa Nadler brought her slow and melancholic music to the Daytrotter Session, where she performed four exceptional songs, using just a acoustic guitar and her weary and beautiful voice. The tracks played include 3 songs from her Songs III: Bird on the Water LP, as well as an unreleased song.

Here’s a description of the songs from Marissa herself:

These four songs are from a combination of origins. “Sylvia” and “Diamond Heart” are both from Songs III: Bird on the Water, which was produced by Greg Weeks of the Philadelphia band the Espers. “Honey Bear” is a new song that I was able to record in the Kemado Records New York studios when told I would get to include four new songs with the US release of the record.
I was really excited to get to include fresh songs. The time it takes from the writing process to when a record is actually heard can be quite long, so Honey Bear and “Salutations in the Dark” are more present representations of my songwriting.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Four Track Recordings, Outtakes - 2005 (Self Release CD-r)

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Self release / CDr

01 Flora Barone Queen Of The Vaudeville Throne
02 Box Of Cedar
03 Famous Song
04 Annabelle Lee (words by Edgar Allen Poe)
05 Black Hole Infinity
06 Chelsea Hotel #2 (written by Leonard Cohen)
07 Ashes
08 Days Of The Dead
09 Strange (written by Mel Tillis & Fred Burch)
10 Battle Hymn Of The New Republic
11 As I Lay In Death My Son
12 Lily, Henry, And The Willow Trees - Alt. Version

Recorded Live in Europe 2005 (01 to 04)
Recorded at Four Track California - 2005 (05,06,08,09
Recorded at Four Track Providence - 2003 (07,10
Ballads Outtake - 2003-2004 (11)
Saga Outtake - 2004-2005 (12)

Repackaged copy of 'Four Track Recordings, Outtakes' released and sold during Marissa Nadler's 2006 Australian Tour (AUS, Label: Diagnosis... DON'T!; DONT 0008)

Marissa Nadler: guitar, vocals
Orion Rigel Dommisse: organ, vocals/harmony (01 to 04)

Marissa Nadler - Ivy and the Clovers - 2006 (Compilation)

Quality: CBR 192 Kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, none, US

01 The Story Of Daisy & Violet
02 Farewell Heartbreak
03 Air Inside My Lungs
04 Salutations In The Dark
05 Space Out Holy Ghost
06 Summer Of Love Is Over
07 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
08 Clowne Towne
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Silver Summers
11 All Love Must Die

Accessable only though Marissa's grassroots program through her website, this is a compilation of 2 other unreleased albums.

Marissa Nadler: written by, vocals, guitar, vocals harmony
Helena Espvall: cello (07)
Otto Hauser: drums (07)
Greg Weeks: synthesizer (07); recorded (07)
Kyle Stumpe: recorded (01 to 06, 08)

Marissa Nadler - Little Hells - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Kemado Records, KEM086, US

01 Heart Paper Lover
02 Rosary
03 Mary Comes Alive
04 Little Hells
05 Ghosts and Lovers
06 Brittle Crushed and Torn
07 The Whole Is Wide
08 River of Dirt
09 Loner
10 Mistress

Marissa Nadler: vocals, wurlitzer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Myles Baer: wurlitzer, theramin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass
Simone Pace: drums, percussion
Dave Scher: Lap Steel, Piano
Chris Coady: programming, produced by, mixed by

Marissa Nadler - Songs III-Bird on the Water (Bonus Material) - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Kemado, none, US

Bonus EP
01 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
02 Daisy & Violet
03 Honey Bear
04 Cortez the Killer (written by Neil Young)

Fee download EP, available only with download code given with each copy of the Kemado release of Songs III: Bird on the Water

All songs specially recorded at Kemado Studio, apart from Conjuring Spirit Worlds, which is an outtake from Songs III

Marissa Nadler: vocals, guitar, producer
Danny Bensi: cello (02)

Marissa Nadler - Songs III: Bird On The Water - 2007

Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Label: Kemado Records, KEM 055, US

01 Diamond Heart
02 Dying Breed
03 Mexican Summer
04 Thinking of You
05 Silvia
06 Bird on Your Grave
07 Rachel
08 Feathers
09 Famous Blue Raincoat ( written-By - Leonard Cohen)
10 My Love and I
11 Leather Made Shoes

Helena Espval: cello
Jesse Sparhawk: mandolin, harp
Otto Hauser: percussion
Orion Rigel Dommisse: synthesizer
Greg Weeks: synthesizer, vocals, producer
Marissa Nadler: vocals, guitar, producer

Marissa Nadler - The Saga of Mayflower May - 2005

Quality: CBR 256 kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, ECL-044, US

01 Under an Old Umbrella
02 The Little Famous Song
03 Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose) 
04 Damsels in the Dark 
05 Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees 
06 Yellow Lights 
07 Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning
08 My Little Lark 
09 In the Time of the Lorry Low 
10 Calico 
11 Horses and Their Kin

Marissa Nadler: guitar, guitar (12 String), vocals, vacking vocals, bells, ukulele
Brian McTea: organ/Hammond (01,06 & 08)
Nick Castro: tin whistle (02), piano (07)

Marissa Nadler - Ballads Of Living And Dying - 2004

Quality: VBR 183-216 kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, ECL-036, US

01 Fifty Five Falls
02 Hay Tantos Muertos (Lyrics By: Pablo Neruda)
03 Stallions
04 Undertaker
05 Box Of Cedar
06 Bird Song
07 Days Of Rum
08 Mayflower May
09 Virginia
10 Annabelle Lee (Lyrics By: Edgar Allen Poe)

Marissa Nadler: acoustic guitar (01-07,09 & 10);organ (03,04 & 07); banjo (07)
Myles Baer: backing vocals, electric guitar (01), accordion (02), guitar/ebow, electric (10)
Kendra Flowers: harmony vocals (05)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mountain Home - Mountain Home - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Language of Stone, LoS002, US
01 The Sparrow
02 Battle, We Were
03 Comes, the Winter
04 Omie Wise
05 Nottamun Town
Joshua Blatchley: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium
Kristin Sherer: dulcimer, mountain dulcimer
Ilya Monosov: banjo, acoustic guitar, hurdy gurdy
Margie Wienk (Fern Knight): cello
Greg Weeks (Espers): producer, strings (arranged by), guitar, harmonium & vocal
Anonymous: vocal (after listening to first song "The Sparrow" we bet you can guess the lead singer...)

Written-By: Joshua Blatchley , Kristen Sherer (1,2,3)
Traditional, Arranged By: Joshua Blatchley (4,5)

Vocals: Marissa Nadler (1-4)
Vocals: Greg Weeks (5)

Boasting contributions from Greg Weeks and Marissa Nadler, Mountain Home's debut album stands as quite a first effort. Swathed in much the same haunting narrative and melancholy candor that marks Nadler and Weeks' own works its easy to see why Weeks chose this as one of the initial offerings from his Language of Stone label.
The album is short but packs a lot of emotional depth into its few tracks; shifting from orchestral tinges to more traditional interpretations of folk standards over the course of the album.
No matter how the band's style changes however, there remains an overwhelming tone of sadness that clings to the songs like a constant film of fog. This sadness keeps you coming back more and more to discover the source of the ache that hangs in both the male and female vocals. The band is about to embark on a short Californian Tour with Marissa Nadler so if you're on the West Coast keep an eye out.

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