Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Cow Girl In the Sand - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Unreleased / Digital File

01 Cow Girl In the Sand (Unreleased)(written by Neil Young)

(One more Neil Young cover - the GREAT one!)


Anonymous said...

how can I download this?

merman said...

hi, I'd like to have this song. Thank you very much!

graaf24 said...

Hi, Anonymous & merman, please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site)

Russell said...

Not a bad version, though it's difficult to top the original. Good to hear though & would love to hear Neil Young cover one of her songs :o)


Lotus Coatl said...

Intense interpretation of Neil Young’s song by Marissa Nadler. Thick and expressive acoustic and electric guitars. The voice is flexible and fits like a glove to this monolith that stands outside her boundaries.
This operation reminds me someway “Down by the River” interpreted by Mimi Parker in Low & The Dirty Three’s EP “In The Fishtank” (1999), a performance that made us shiver with. Great!

Anonymous said...

Marissa Nadler - Ivy and the Clovers is a great collection. It has the same dreamy and vibrant feel as Songs III. I highlight in my collection.

Many thanks!

D. said...

Love Marissa - would love to hear this. She seems to have covered Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt the most, to date.


graaf24 said...

Hi, D.
Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site)

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