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Marissa Nadler - Cow Girl In the Sand - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Unreleased / Digital File

01 Cow Girl In the Sand (Unreleased)(written by Neil Young)

(One more Neil Young cover - the GREAT one!)

Marissa Nadler - Daytrotter Session - 2007

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Daytrotter Session - Live 2007 October 19 / Radio Session - Digital File

01 Sylvia
02 Diamond Heart
03 Salutations in the Dark (previously unreleased)
04 Honey Bear

Marissa Nadler: acoustic guitar, vocals
Engineered by Brad Kopplin, Futureappletree Studio One

Dream folk musician and artist Marissa Nadler brought her slow and melancholic music to the Daytrotter Session, where she performed four exceptional songs, using just a acoustic guitar and her weary and beautiful voice. The tracks played include 3 songs from her Songs III: Bird on the Water LP, as well as an unreleased song.

Here’s a description of the songs from Marissa herself:

These four songs are from a combination of origins. “Sylvia” and “Diamond Heart” are both from Songs III: Bird on the Water, which was produced by Greg Weeks of the Philadelphia band the Espers. “Honey Bear” is a new song that I was able to record in the Kemado Records New York studios when told I would get to include four new songs with the US release of the record.
I was really excited to get to include fresh songs. The time it takes from the writing process to when a record is actually heard can be quite long, so Honey Bear and “Salutations in the Dark” are more present representations of my songwriting.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Four Track Recordings, Outtakes - 2005 (Self Release CD-r)

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Self release / CDr

01 Flora Barone Queen Of The Vaudeville Throne
02 Box Of Cedar
03 Famous Song
04 Annabelle Lee (words by Edgar Allen Poe)
05 Black Hole Infinity
06 Chelsea Hotel #2 (written by Leonard Cohen)
07 Ashes
08 Days Of The Dead
09 Strange (written by Mel Tillis & Fred Burch)
10 Battle Hymn Of The New Republic
11 As I Lay In Death My Son
12 Lily, Henry, And The Willow Trees - Alt. Version

Recorded Live in Europe 2005 (01 to 04)
Recorded at Four Track California - 2005 (05,06,08,09
Recorded at Four Track Providence - 2003 (07,10
Ballads Outtake - 2003-2004 (11)
Saga Outtake - 2004-2005 (12)

Repackaged copy of 'Four Track Recordings, Outtakes' released and sold during Marissa Nadler's 2006 Australian Tour (AUS, Label: Diagnosis... DON'T!; DONT 0008)

Marissa Nadler: guitar, vocals
Orion Rigel Dommisse: organ, vocals/harmony (01 to 04)

Marissa Nadler - Ivy and the Clovers - 2006 (Compilation)

Quality: CBR 192 Kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, none, US

01 The Story Of Daisy & Violet
02 Farewell Heartbreak
03 Air Inside My Lungs
04 Salutations In The Dark
05 Space Out Holy Ghost
06 Summer Of Love Is Over
07 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
08 Clowne Towne
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Silver Summers
11 All Love Must Die

Accessable only though Marissa's grassroots program through her website, this is a compilation of 2 other unreleased albums.

Marissa Nadler: written by, vocals, guitar, vocals harmony
Helena Espvall: cello (07)
Otto Hauser: drums (07)
Greg Weeks: synthesizer (07); recorded (07)
Kyle Stumpe: recorded (01 to 06, 08)

Marissa Nadler - Little Hells - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Kemado Records, KEM086, US

01 Heart Paper Lover
02 Rosary
03 Mary Comes Alive
04 Little Hells
05 Ghosts and Lovers
06 Brittle Crushed and Torn
07 The Whole Is Wide
08 River of Dirt
09 Loner
10 Mistress

Marissa Nadler: vocals, wurlitzer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Myles Baer: wurlitzer, theramin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass
Simone Pace: drums, percussion
Dave Scher: Lap Steel, Piano
Chris Coady: programming, produced by, mixed by

Marissa Nadler - Songs III-Bird on the Water (Bonus Material) - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Kemado, none, US

Bonus EP
01 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
02 Daisy & Violet
03 Honey Bear
04 Cortez the Killer (written by Neil Young)

Fee download EP, available only with download code given with each copy of the Kemado release of Songs III: Bird on the Water

All songs specially recorded at Kemado Studio, apart from Conjuring Spirit Worlds, which is an outtake from Songs III

Marissa Nadler: vocals, guitar, producer
Danny Bensi: cello (02)

Marissa Nadler - Songs III: Bird On The Water - 2007

Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Label: Kemado Records, KEM 055, US

01 Diamond Heart
02 Dying Breed
03 Mexican Summer
04 Thinking of You
05 Silvia
06 Bird on Your Grave
07 Rachel
08 Feathers
09 Famous Blue Raincoat ( written-By - Leonard Cohen)
10 My Love and I
11 Leather Made Shoes

Helena Espval: cello
Jesse Sparhawk: mandolin, harp
Otto Hauser: percussion
Orion Rigel Dommisse: synthesizer
Greg Weeks: synthesizer, vocals, producer
Marissa Nadler: vocals, guitar, producer

Marissa Nadler - The Saga of Mayflower May - 2005

Quality: CBR 256 kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, ECL-044, US

01 Under an Old Umbrella
02 The Little Famous Song
03 Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose) 
04 Damsels in the Dark 
05 Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees 
06 Yellow Lights 
07 Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning
08 My Little Lark 
09 In the Time of the Lorry Low 
10 Calico 
11 Horses and Their Kin

Marissa Nadler: guitar, guitar (12 String), vocals, vacking vocals, bells, ukulele
Brian McTea: organ/Hammond (01,06 & 08)
Nick Castro: tin whistle (02), piano (07)

Marissa Nadler - Ballads Of Living And Dying - 2004

Quality: VBR 183-216 kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, ECL-036, US

01 Fifty Five Falls
02 Hay Tantos Muertos (Lyrics By: Pablo Neruda)
03 Stallions
04 Undertaker
05 Box Of Cedar
06 Bird Song
07 Days Of Rum
08 Mayflower May
09 Virginia
10 Annabelle Lee (Lyrics By: Edgar Allen Poe)

Marissa Nadler: acoustic guitar (01-07,09 & 10);organ (03,04 & 07); banjo (07)
Myles Baer: backing vocals, electric guitar (01), accordion (02), guitar/ebow, electric (10)
Kendra Flowers: harmony vocals (05)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mountain Home - Mountain Home - 2007

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Language of Stone, LoS002, US
01 The Sparrow
02 Battle, We Were
03 Comes, the Winter
04 Omie Wise
05 Nottamun Town
Joshua Blatchley: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium
Kristin Sherer: dulcimer, mountain dulcimer
Ilya Monosov: banjo, acoustic guitar, hurdy gurdy
Margie Wienk (Fern Knight): cello
Greg Weeks (Espers): producer, strings (arranged by), guitar, harmonium & vocal
Anonymous: vocal (after listening to first song "The Sparrow" we bet you can guess the lead singer...)

Written-By: Joshua Blatchley , Kristen Sherer (1,2,3)
Traditional, Arranged By: Joshua Blatchley (4,5)

Vocals: Marissa Nadler (1-4)
Vocals: Greg Weeks (5)

Boasting contributions from Greg Weeks and Marissa Nadler, Mountain Home's debut album stands as quite a first effort. Swathed in much the same haunting narrative and melancholy candor that marks Nadler and Weeks' own works its easy to see why Weeks chose this as one of the initial offerings from his Language of Stone label.
The album is short but packs a lot of emotional depth into its few tracks; shifting from orchestral tinges to more traditional interpretations of folk standards over the course of the album.
No matter how the band's style changes however, there remains an overwhelming tone of sadness that clings to the songs like a constant film of fog. This sadness keeps you coming back more and more to discover the source of the ache that hangs in both the male and female vocals. The band is about to embark on a short Californian Tour with Marissa Nadler so if you're on the West Coast keep an eye out.

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