Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laike - Långt från stadslivets dån - 2012

Label: Les Cousins Music, UK

01 Modeslavarnas marsch
02 Långt från stadslivets dån
03 Ser du inte vad som fattas
04 Ensamhetens borg
05 Gladiatorkamp
06 Bygger stegar upp till himmelen
07 Du är mer än vad jag ser
08 Städernas tid blev inte lång
09 Tankefabriken

Christofer Ståhle: singing, guitar, flute, piano etc
Joel Munther: bass and backing vocals
Jerker Wennström: drums and percussion
Sanna Sender: recorder
Albin Johansson: Wurlitzer electric piano and synthesizer
Johan Malmberg: violin
Olof Svensson: electric guitar
Mats Björk: psychedelic sound engineering
David Svedmyr: zither, sitar, mellotron and chimes
Mark Pavey: Mastering

Laike is a one man project that started about 1,5 years ago. Laike consists of Christofer Ståhle who has played in several different bands for many years before the Laike project. Among other things he played the flute on the album ”Beautiful Days” by Majessic Dreams, released in 2008.
After more than 10 years in different bands he decided that he wanted to make music on his own with just a little help from some of his friends. The album ”Långt från stadslivets dån” (Far away from the noice of the city) was mostly recorded on the country side outside the town Lund where Christofer lives. In his home beside the biggest field in Sweden he could sit and think about arrangements without stress.
The sources of inspiration are many but during the last years Christofer has been very much into British folk bands from the seventies like Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and Pentangle. These type of songs have been combined with more rytmically driven songs. 2 years ago Christofer lived in Shanghai for 6 months and the improvisations you can here between some of the songs of the album were recorded in an oil cisterno of a Shanghai suburb. Right now Christofer is working on a new album.

This is unusual post in many ways. Some days ago I’ve received message from man name Christofer Ståhle (aka Laike), from Lund, Sweden, with link to hear one his song. I liked that song very much as entire album too.
Wow, great stuff. Very good flute playing, good arrangements too. Some psychedelic touch, not boring moments at all, every songs is different, it was a very difficult to select some become favorites; all is very good and “ask you” to listen again and again. Language is not problem for me; give some charm to my ears full of English. In a word there is a GREAT ALBUM.

The album will be released on 27 February 2012 on the British label Les Cousins Music. You have opportunity to hear now (few days before officially released, thanks Laike) 


Please go to comments there we find links to listen entire album:

Laike - Far Away from the Noise of the City (Långt från stadslivets dån) - 2012 (Les Cousins lc015)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Avital Raz - Sad Songs About The End Of Love - 2012

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Digital Album / Self release

01 Lean Out
02 The Twilight
03 I Would
04 This Heart
05 My Dove
06 Because Your Voice
07 Strings
08 Silently
09 Gentle Lady
10 Rain Has Fallen
11 Sleep Now
James Joyce - words
Avital Raz - music

Itzik Yona - guitars
Hemad Kamal - sarangi
Sasha Shlain - keyboards
David Martin - vocals
Avi Agababa - percussion
E. T. Doolin - bass guitar
Ronen Tat - bass guitar
Yosef Halachmi - drums
Ali Abas - shenai
Ari Gorali - piano
Eyal Faran - tibetan bowl

Sad Songs About The End Of Love was recorded in 2004 in India and in Israel. The songs are based on James Joyce's Chamber Music poem cycle.
Till this year, Joyce's work was under copyright and his estate would not allow this music to be released.

Superb album, as usual. You like it, Recommended!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Avital Raz - Skin & Feathers EP - 2009

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Digital File / Self release

01 Sweeter Than Candy
02 Unknown Angry Female Rock Star
03 Beautiful (Kali's Garland)
04 Songs of Waiting
05 My Next Lover
06 #3972

Credits: No data available
released 26 September 2009

Avital Raz is a vocal artist who travels across many genres.
Her songs may resemble old English lute songs, Indian Classical Ragas, Cabaret, Blues or Eastern-European Jewish melodies. A multi-cultured get-together of many strange characters, all rolled up into one quirky singer- songwriter.

Great EP!
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