Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Ivy and the Clovers - 2006 (Compilation)

Quality: CBR 192 Kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, none, US

01 The Story Of Daisy & Violet
02 Farewell Heartbreak
03 Air Inside My Lungs
04 Salutations In The Dark
05 Space Out Holy Ghost
06 Summer Of Love Is Over
07 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
08 Clowne Towne
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Silver Summers
11 All Love Must Die

Accessable only though Marissa's grassroots program through her website, this is a compilation of 2 other unreleased albums.

Marissa Nadler: written by, vocals, guitar, vocals harmony
Helena Espvall: cello (07)
Otto Hauser: drums (07)
Greg Weeks: synthesizer (07); recorded (07)
Kyle Stumpe: recorded (01 to 06, 08)


arbor said...

hi i was wondering where the link for this is? thanks a lot

graaf24 said...

Hi arbor, please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site)


merman said...

Thank you very much for all those links!

gaspar_lm said...

I would like very much to hear this album. I am Marissa Nadler's fan and I have all her CDs available. Thank you so much.

graaf24 said...

Hi gaspar_lm,
Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site ... give me your e-mail please)


Freddi said...

Hey and thank you very much. I think Marissa Nadler is my favourite female artist of all time. Her voice is nothing but sublime.

Patrick said...

Amazing music.. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope she's able to successfully record her new album.

Russell said...

Great album, wonderful to listen to it at long last

All the best..

Alejandro said...

This is a masterpiece! Just listening to "Conjuring Spirits World" i feel stoned with the ambient of the song, I just a powerful song the cellos in the intro and the dark mood is priceless! the first song "Daisy and Violet" bellissima!!! Thank for send me this Graaf!

Garance said...

This is simply beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

Rho said...

Wonderful piece of music from one wonderful artist. I've listened to "Daisy & Violet" about a hundred times the last weeks...Thanks a lot for sharing, Graaf!

Robbeh Lifeless 666 said...

I would love to hear this!

graaf24 said...

Hi Robbeh, Yes, but give me e-mail address! Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site) about “how download” albums: Request the album or albums you would like to hear in the comment section under that album's. Please leave your e-mail address. Your email address will not be seen by anyone except me! No links will be shown on this place. Greetings, Graaf

knptv said...

I would very much appreciate if you could send me the link for this wonderful album.
Thanks in advance

graaf24 said...

Hi knptv,
Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site ... give me your e-mail please)


Anonymous said...

Hi Graaf,

Thanks for a great album. I really enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for the album, it works perfectly, can't get it off. :)

Lachy. :P

David Evers said...

Thanks for this album. The extra tracks on this version (my CD has only 8) were also very good. Strange that she left them off some releases. I could listen to "Ashes" all day.

Markus_D. said...

Thanks a lot! Fantastic compilation!

Best regards!

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