Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nick Castro & The Young Elders - Come Into Our House - 2006

Quality: CBR 320 kbps (incl. covers)
Label: Daffodelic,601 (2LP+7"),Netherlands / Strange Attractors Audio House,SAAH042,US

01 Winding Tree
02 Sleeping In A Dream
03 Picolina
04 One I Love
05 Attar
06 Voices From The Mountains
07 Standing On The Standing Stone
08 Lay Down Your Arms
09 Promises Unbroken

Nick Castro - vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar (electric), piano & prepared piano, lute (saz), oud, harmonium, whistle, percussion, bells, hammond organ, psaltery (ukelin), bouzouki, shaker, performer (music box), bass
B'eirth - vocals, whistle, harmonica
Wendy Watson - vocals, harmonium, bells, percussion (chimes)
Ryan Kirkpatrick - vocals, bass (contrabass, fuzz bass, elctric bass), gong
Martin Salisbury - trombone
Tom Wunder - mountain drum, moroccan tabla
Julia Cunningham - celtic harp
Vince Perez - harmonium
Brian Dyson - dumbek (goblet drum), tambourine (rik), frame drum
Chris Guttmacher - nyabinghi drum, kalimba (mbira), court drum
John Contereas - cello

2LP+7" (9+3 tracks) / CD Digi-Pack (9 tracks)

Not on CD (7" single):
A1 Beggar's Tongue
A2 Dance With Death
B It's All A Dream

The Young Elders

Superb album... Recommended!


Lotus Coatl said...

A shiny gem that let the listener astonished. It’s a sort of pan-global folk cauldron where several influences converge discretely like ripples in a big river.
Sleeping in a Dream sounds like a tune like the most inspired Bert Jansch mesmerized by a siren. In Voices From the Mountain folk is a tool to embrace the open space. North african desert echoes cross the inner idea of Alter. The 13 minutes of Lay Down Your Arms with an impressionist brushwork of acid guitar strikes one of the highest peaks. The elegant Promises Unbroken dinify the closing time. Great Album.

Thank You

Lotus Coatl

Anonymous said...

A combination of influences including folk, medieval, and middle eastern. Very much like Dead Can Dance in many ways.
Very nice, thank you!

the black knight said...

A superb album, it takes me from the first to the last track
Recommended and thank you

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