Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fern Knight - Live at WFMU - 2008

Quality: CBR 256 kbps + custom cover by me
Label: Not On Label - WFMU Radio Broadcast

01 Silver Fox
02 untitled
03 Lach Na Fooey
04 Synge's Chair
05 Epitaph
06 Magpie Suite

Live performance by Fern Knight at WFMU on Irene Trudel's Show on June 02 2008:

James Wolf: violin,
Jesse Sparhawk: harp, bass,
Margie Wienk: vocals, cello, acoustic guitar,
Jim Ayre: drums, Flying V

Engineer: Irene Trudel

On Fern Knight's new self-titled album, the listener is engulfed in imagery of pastoral scenes of folkloric greenery and of an earlier mystical age. Fern Knight is a they, not a she, a quartet bring fronted by the lovely voice of Margie Wienk.
As they describe it, "The calm surface of harp, cello and violin are juxtaposed against the perfectly timed distorted squalls of a Flying V with the grounding blanket of electric bass underneath."

Here is the full (~42min) live performance by Fern Knight at WFMU, included all 6 tracks, not usual 5 (which will find on the web).

This is absolutely fantastic rendition of song, minimalistic, raw and very powerfull, especialy Epitph (King Crimson cover) have so much more beauty than studio version on the album.


david bin said...

I think this is their best album
Thank you very much for sharing

Zeichner said...

Amazing performance.
Thank you!

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