Saturday, May 31, 2014

Birch Book - Birch Book EP - 2011

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Vinyl 10" + EP CD, Les Disques du 7ème Ciel, 7C2, France

01 Life's Lace
02 Le Temps De Vivre
03 La Chanson De Prévert
04 Son Du Soleil
05 Les Feuilles Mortes
06 Vent D'Automne

Brier Nitz: backing vocals
Ron Walker: harmonium
B'ee: vocals, guitars & arrangements

Composed By – B'ee (04,06), Joseph Kosma (05)
Written And Composed By – B'ee (01), Georges Moustaki (02), Serge Gainsbourg (03)
Written By – B'ee, Carole Chiaramonti (04), B'ee, Damien Loret (06), Jacques Prévert (05)
Artwork Sleeve: Damian O'Hara 

Vinyl & CD Limited Edition 

Aware of B'ee's interest in French language and culture, Les Disques du 7ème Ciel suggested that they collaborate on the release of a record based on French song.
Great EP, recomendation straight from the heart.


Lotus Coatl said...

This EP it’s a surprise to me: it’s almost entirely sung in French and structurally simpler than the previous B’Eirth’s works.
The real gem of the album is Life's Lace, a song with a familiar Nick Drakeian feel. The rest – like lullabies - proceed at a slower pace.
Overall B'Eirth's French singing sounds warmer and calmer and I think doesn’t affect anyway the hard core B'Eirth's appreciators. Nice and Wyrd!
Thank you

Lotus Coatl

the black knight said...

A fantastic album, the french cover "le temps de vivre" is emotionally enormous.
Thank you

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