Friday, May 2, 2014

Fern Knight - Castings - 2010

Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Label: VHF Records, VHF 122, US / LP VHF 122 Limited Edition, US

01 From Zero To Infinty
02 The Poisoner
03 Pentacles
04 Long Dark Century
05 Cave Of Swords
06 Cups And Wands
07 The Eye Of The Queen
08 Epitaph (written-by King Crimson)
09 Crumbling Stairs

Jim Ayre: electric guitar, drums, percussion, vocals
Jesse Sparhawk: harp, bass, drums, electric guitar, vocals
James Wolf: violin
Margaret Ayre: vocals, cello, acoustic guitar

Released in a Digipak.
Producer: Jim Ayre, Margaret Ayre
Recorded By: Jim Ayre
Written By: Margaret Ayre


old spyder said...

Sorry for being so late with my reply, thanks a lot for the links to Fern Knight much appreciated. I had a listen and really enjoyed it, excellent. Does remind me in parts of Espers whom i know and like a lot. Anything in a similar style to them and Espers you could recommend? or personal preference. I do prefer good female vocals in "folk styles" going back to old bands like Trees (very underrated) and of course Fairport with Sandy Denny and newer like Espers, also like Trembling Bells. Also i prefer the occasional Electric guitar in a freakout psyche style see Trees as example. By the way you asked where i'm from: The Republic Of South Africa

graaf24 said...

Hi old spyder,
thanks for comment, it is never to late. I'm glad you like Fern Knight.
My recommendation for you is: Mountain Home (Mergie plays Cello, on this album), this is my very first post here.

Trees is my favorite too, among others bands from that time.

Check e-mail for Mountain Home album.

All the best,

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