Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birch Book - Tomorrow's Sun Will Rise The Same CDr - 2010

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Not On Label - Self-released, CD-r Limited Edition

01 Tomorrow's Sun Arises (B'ee)
02 Day For Night (Gene Clark)
03 Clothes Of Sand (Nick Drake)
04 Good Feeling (Gordon Gano)
05 The Stag (Angelo Branduardi)
06 Blessed Wild Apple Girl (Marc Bolan)
07 Silver Dagger (Traditional)
08 Ballad Of Easy Rider (Roger McGuinn)
09 A Little Bit Of Rain (Fred Neil)
10 Houses (Elyse Weinberg)
11 Corners Of My Life (Pac, Rycroft, McClellan)
12 Tomorrow's Sun Sets (B'ee)

B'ee: renditions / arrangements
Sofie Kline: backing vocals (10)  
Gillian Hall: backing vocals (11)

Heather Comforto: cover patch
Méreau Woods: liner notes
Jacob Yvon-Leroux, Ron Walker: photography

Traditional & Cover Songs, Recorded January, February & March 
Released Spring Equinox 2010 

Limited edition, signed album in handmade packaging sold directly through B'eirth to help fund Birch Book's 2010 European tour.

Superb album as always, some great rendition of song we well know from the past time. 
Very recommended (even if low bitrate), not to be missed this one!

Silver Dagger version is most beautiful ever!!!

Especially to my friend Kontaminacija!


Lotus Coatl said...

Almost a cover album except the short instrumental self penned opening and closing tracks. B’Eirth draws from a wide range of sources: from Nick Drake to Violent Femmes, from Gene Clark to Angelo Branduardi. The songs are obviously filtered and deformed through B’Eirth’s looking glass to make them fit eventually to Birch Book/In Gowan Ring’s domain. There are no dull moments through all the album, some covers work far better than its originals: “Blessed Wild Apple Girl” overtakes T.Rex’s song, Birch Book’s “Little Bit Of Rain” has a deeper and more intense approach to the song than Fred Neil’s.
The album outstanding track is “The Ballad Of Easy Rider”. Jim McGuinn’s original song is a sort of work in progress; it leads a way rather than reach a goal. This is the reason why it allows to the artist that grew up with to feel it his own and to perform it freely: Fairport Convention’s cover is the perfect example.
B’Eirth goes back upstream to the original acoustic version that figure in the movie embracing its conciseness and bringing it back a sunny and dazed atmosphere. It’s just like an unfinished sketch that melts away into thin air, not completely mouth-filling to the listener. The wheel is spinning and B’Eirth’s Ballad Of Easy Rider shows a labyrinth of paths rather than express achieved truths.
A recommended album.

Thank you Graaf

the black knight said...

This album take me in a world of melancholy and beauty

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