Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marissa Nadler - Daytrotter Session - 2007

Quality: CBR 128 kbps (sorry no better copy available)
Label: Daytrotter Session - Live 2007 October 19 / Radio Session - Digital File

01 Sylvia
02 Diamond Heart
03 Salutations in the Dark (previously unreleased)
04 Honey Bear

Marissa Nadler: acoustic guitar, vocals
Engineered by Brad Kopplin, Futureappletree Studio One

Dream folk musician and artist Marissa Nadler brought her slow and melancholic music to the Daytrotter Session, where she performed four exceptional songs, using just a acoustic guitar and her weary and beautiful voice. The tracks played include 3 songs from her Songs III: Bird on the Water LP, as well as an unreleased song.

Here’s a description of the songs from Marissa herself:

These four songs are from a combination of origins. “Sylvia” and “Diamond Heart” are both from Songs III: Bird on the Water, which was produced by Greg Weeks of the Philadelphia band the Espers. “Honey Bear” is a new song that I was able to record in the Kemado Records New York studios when told I would get to include four new songs with the US release of the record.
I was really excited to get to include fresh songs. The time it takes from the writing process to when a record is actually heard can be quite long, so Honey Bear and “Salutations in the Dark” are more present representations of my songwriting.


Russell said...

Very nice versions of the studio songs, love her more the more I play them..


Alejandro said...

Where are the links?

graaf24 said...

Dear Alejandro,

Please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site) about “how download” albums:
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Greetings, Graaf

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