Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marissa Nadler - The Saga of Mayflower May - 2005

Quality: CBR 256 kbps
Label: Eclipse Records, ECL-044, US

01 Under an Old Umbrella
02 The Little Famous Song
03 Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose) 
04 Damsels in the Dark 
05 Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees 
06 Yellow Lights 
07 Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning
08 My Little Lark 
09 In the Time of the Lorry Low 
10 Calico 
11 Horses and Their Kin

Marissa Nadler: guitar, guitar (12 String), vocals, vacking vocals, bells, ukulele
Brian McTea: organ/Hammond (01,06 & 08)
Nick Castro: tin whistle (02), piano (07)


Alejandro said...

Graaf, this was the first album of Marissa that I listened. I read in an Interview that this "Mayflower May" character is one of her Alter Ego's and this album is one of the brillant work of this genious girl! Her work with the 12 string guitar is just AMAZING!

Lotus Coatl said...

Thank you for the warning. A Modern and old fashioned at the same time album. Marissa Nadler’s voice is haunting and mysterious. The songwriting is engaging with melancholic and bold lyrics. Marissa shows good music skill too varying through a range of instruments like 6-12 strings, banjo, ukulele, oud (?) with a predominant fingerstyle. The work is graced by Nick Castro’s light and invisible touch. A bold and intriguing album.

wkc said...

late to the show I know but I would love to hear this one if a link is possible still. Thank you

graaf24 said...

Yes, wkc
still is possible but give me your e-mail (please read DISCLAIMER) right top on this site.

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