Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lisa O Piu – When This Was The Future - 2009

Quality: VBR 218-259 kbps
Label: Subliminal Sounds, XMLP-SUB33 (ltd 500 copies 180 gr), SUBCD29, Sweden

01 Cinnamon Sea
02 Forest Echo
03 Traitor
04 The Party
05 Two
06 Equatorial Changes
07 Alvdans Vid Kolarkojan
08 And So On 

Lisa Isaksson: voices, guitars, flute, rhodes, percussion, etc.
Anders Engqvist: accordion, percussion, clarinet, etc.
David Svedmyr: electric guitar, 12-string guitar, bass pedals, mellotron, percussion, etc.
Joel Munther: bass, acoustic guitar, voice
Jennie Ståbis: voice, melodica, percussion, etc.
Maria Lagerlöf: voice, flute, percussion, etc.

"The songs are about being conscious in relationships close to natural processes with that touch of magic and romantiscm, facing the differences of one mind and two, or two sources in one, of cycles and processes. Lisa Isaksson has the sweetness of natural magic in her voice, crystal clear and with overdubbed vocal arrangements. Accompanied by acoustic and electrified acoustic guitar, while glockenspiel, flute moods, fiddle and such and some mellotron add dreamy flavours. Progressive music minded Mattias Gustavsson (Life on Earth! / Dungen) has produced the album, leaving his mark by filling some spaces with additional arrangements. A beautiful new addition to the old classics like These Trails, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs".

Highly recommended!


Henri said...

Dreamy, beautiful. All the songs are well arranged, with very little instruments used in each song. It's autumn and that is a good season to listen to this album. Don't play it when you feel sad! Enjoy.

Lotus Coatl said...

There’s little to say about Lisa O Piu. “When This Was the Future” is a bucolic landascape full of fragile echoes, delicate harmonies and pale colours that reveals an incredible inner depth. On the colours palette several ingredients are superbly mixed together and the final result is an original masterpiece that speaks modernly in an ancient tongue. A well played and well produced work. The intricate structure is an thin balance of acoustic instruments, twinkling electric guitars, flute and a discreet intrusion of mellotron with Lisa Isaksson’s voice that gives profundity to the music. Dreamy, melancholic, autumnal, inspired, introspective, poetic. Great Album.
Thank you

graaf24 said...

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