Sunday, August 2, 2009

Espers - II - 2006

Quality: CBR 320 kbps (incl. covers for jewel case)
Label: Drag City, DC310CD, US / Wichita, WEBB110CD, UK

01 Dead Queen
02 Widow's Weed
03 Cruel Storm
04 Children of Stone
05 Mansfield & Cyclops
06 Dead King
07 Moon Occults the Sun

Performer: Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Otto Hauser, Brooke Sietinsons, Chris Smith, Greg Weeks
Featuring: Alex Abrash, Jesse Sparhawk, Willie Lane, Gary Olsen, Lord Whimsey and Paul Sommerstein, Esq.
Instruments: Martin 6-string acoustic guitars, male & female larynx, Fender Jazz Bass, cello, recorder, flute (as played by Laura Baird), sleigh bells, gongs, bells, '78 Les Paul Custom, Space Echo, Echoplex, Crumar Toccata, Crumar Performer, Univox Mini-Korg, dulcimer, Yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar, Arp Odyssey, Omnichord, Doric transistorised organ, singing bowels, drum kit, doumbek, dholak, bongos, Crybaby, Blue Box, Big Muff (Russian), and Fuzzrite.


Dionysis said...

You where right, these tracks where better quality than mine.

Espers are awesome!!

Keep up the good work, dude!!!

Greetings from Greece!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude.

drakonium said...

Hello! For some reason I can't find any links on the page... Is this still downloadable? Thanks a lot anyway, have a nice day! :D

graaf24 said...

Hi drakonium,
all links are still active. But, please read disclaimer (right top)on this site.
Have nice day too!

Mark said...

Great album

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