Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus - Leaves From Off The Tree - 2006

Quality: VBR 175-217 kbps
Label: Bo'Weavil Recordings, Weavil 16, UK

01 Bruton Town
02 Barbry Ellen
03 Furtune My Foe
04 Willie Of Winsbury
05 The Nightingale
06 John Hardy
07 The Derry Dems Of Arrow
08 Now Westlin' Winds (Lyrics By: Robert Burns)
09 False Sir John

Meg Baird:vocals, guitar
Helena Espvall: vocals, cello
Sharron Kraus: vocals, guitar, dulcimer


Anonymous said...

A beautiful album! Many thanks.
Anyone who loves the vocals in Espers recordings and Meg Baird's solo stuff will enjoy this.

Jaron said...

I concur.. It's really good..
If ye like Baird's stuff you'll definitely dig this album..

It's a little bit more reserved and traditional than the other stuff I've heard from her.. but
all in good health.. a great addition for autumns in general :)

Many thanks!

Ozzy said...

Maybe you have a link for this?

graaf24 said...

Hi Ozzy, please read Desclaimer (right top corner)& give to me valid e-mail address.

Ian said...

An extremely beautiful selection of music performed by women of the highest talent. The sound is acoustic and very intimate, and though some or many of the songs will be familiar to fans of traditional British folk music, the arrangements highlight the exceptional voices of the singers and their subtle understanding of the songs.
It is ultimately a heartening album as the essential melancholy of the songs is largely balanced by the reassuring warmth and intelligence of the performances.

Thank you to Graaf for the link.

wkc said...

would love to listen to this album. Thank you

graaf24 said...

Hi wkc, please read Desclaimer (right top corner)& give to me valid e-mail address.

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