Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Espers - III - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Drag City, DC416CD, US / Wichita, UK

01 I Can't See Clear
02 The Road of Golden Dust
03 Caroline
04 The Pearl
05 That Which Darkly Thrives
06 Sightings
07 Meridian
08 Another Moon Song
09 Colony
10 Trollslända

Espers III CD/LP will be released October 20, 2009

"Recorded over the Winter and Spring of 2009, Espers III was intended to be an aural tonic to the layered fullness of the band's second offering. The idea was to record as little as possible in the hope of achieving a stronger, more oxygenated sonic presence. Where II was meant to be almost claustrophobic in its density and darkness, III was envisioned as being a lighter affair; less heavy and more nuanced. The band attempted to create something that would be perhaps cheery at times, though that mark may have been missed. As more time passed in the recording process, a growing dementia within both song and lyrics occurred, such that even the lightest of fare from III seems oddly unwholesome at heart".
"This album's shift in cover aesthetic mirrors the band's themes and their desire to reach beyond what might be expected of an Espers album. Gone is the folk art two-dimensionality so skilfully provided by the band's guitarist Brooke Sietinsons. Welcome to the three-dimensionality and metaphoric imagery of the new Espers aesthetic".
"Now officially a five piece, Espers III features bass by Greg Weeks, this being the only structural change from previous efforts. Espers II was the last full length album recorded in Greg's Hexham Head studio. Weeks and the studio have moved from city locale to pastoral backdrop, a relocation that will no doubt factor into the sonics of future Espers endeavours".

"Who says that sequels can't be better than their predecessor? With psychedelic-folk-experimentalists Espers, the music not only gets better with age, but better with each release".



Natos said...

I'm loving this album. Just got it today. It seems everything Greg Weeks does turns to gold. Easily better than I & II...

Khaos[] said...

indeed, even better then II, incredibly enjoyable release!

Thanks gaal for the links!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this wonderful album.

Mark said...

Great album


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