Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birch Book - Vol. III - A Hand Full Of Days - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Little Somebody Records, LSR 11, US (Standard Letterpress Edition)
01 Birch Leaves
02 Feet Of Clay
03 Empty Corner Of The Page
04 Left Hand
05 Patchwork Woman
06 Stray Summer Song
07 Hatched In Stone
08 Sad Song
09 Nothing More
10 White Angel
11 Right Hand
12 Life's Lace
13 Will Of The Wind (Written By: Lincoln Lysager)
14 Birch Leaves

Subhadra: chorus
Pascal Humbert: bowed contrabass, electric bass guitar
Ron Walker: hammond organ, pedal steel guitar
B'ee: voice, guitar, piano, harmonica, sundry instruments

Third in the Birch Book series, 'A Hand Full of Days' represents the culmination of a bizarre journey through 'That High Lonesome Path'.
Recorded through the years of 2006-2009 in the American Northwest: Portland, Astoria, Naselle & San Juan Island.

In a word, this is superb album as always – recommended!


Khaos[] said...

I know it's stupid but how can I download from this place?

graaf24 said...

Hi Khaos, please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site)


Anonymous said...

After one spin I instantly ordered the vinyl of this record. This is so charming and soothing. Highly remmonded.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this amazing new album by Birch Book. I will be buying it soon. This is just great!

Takeda said...

Thanx for this long awaited album. really good to see that Bee is stepping forward. wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

many many thanks!!
and very smart lighthouse at the bttom 's blog
see you!

Anonymous said...

Gave it a few spins and it really grabbed my attention. I bet it will grow on me even more when I give it more time. Pretty good album.

Great blog.



Zangezi said...

Great album!

vishangro said...

many thanks for your response

vishangro said...

thanks looking forward to hearing Birch Book vol 2 & 3

Anonymous said...

Do a search for it on google, I did and found it - look for a torrent.

great album, just a bit disturbed by B'eirth's association with right wing fascists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album! I am very impressed with this blog!

Kim said...

let's face it. B'ee has gone sharply downhill since his magical project In Gowan Ring gave way to Birch Book. as a rambling elfin nature mystic, B'ee shone. as a self-referential singer-songwriter bard-- nay. old fans of his will find a couple of pleasing tracks on his Birch Book moniker, but much of his later efforts are sadly disappointing.

HiPPYCrEEP said...

this is just as incredible as the other Birch Book albums. I had the pleasure to watch B'ee perform at a garden gig in Philadelphia. i was hanging out with espers folks and watching him play by a fire. i will never forget it. thanks for the great post and awesome blog.

Belial said...

The Birch Book albums are awesome, though I find his voice more suitable for In Gowan Ring.

Lotus Coatl said...

It seems that Bobin Eirth in Birch Book is more focusized on something much more rooted in the ancient western world than in the case of his other project In Gowan Ring. In fact in the latter the aesthetic element is predominant while in the former the fresh taste of American folk rock, blues, traditional country music, and the kinds of folk music of the wooden areas of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States pervade your palate.
Gentle, peaceful and flowing songs. “Feet Of Clay” and the instrumental “Hatched in Stone” are one span above all. Anyway an excellent and homogeneous album where B’ee’s song-craftmanship seems to be at his best. Here B’eirth is pouring us in the cup a set of mellow and flowing songs with meanigful lyrics, the vapour of magic is comig up from the cups to our minds.

ORMUS said...

I found this album to have most strong tracks... but still not quite as pleasing to my ears as IGR. Thanks anyway.

Unknown said...


I´d like to listen to all 3 Birch book albums.

graaf24 said...

Hi Unknown, please read Disclaimer (Right Top on this site). Thanks.

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