Friday, November 6, 2009

Autumn Grieve - Terra Infinita (Extended Edition) EP - 2009

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: Not On Label (Self-released), CDr, Limited Edition, UK

01 Flown
02 The Balance And The Beauty
03 Today The Rain
04 The Borrowed Light Of Memory
05 Sea-Maiden's Daughter
06 Hold A Light

(tracks 01 to 04)
Autumn Grieve: guitar, vocals
Scott McLaughlin: piano, violin, effects
Sean Og: baritone saxophone
Dave Colohan: tin Whistle
(tracks 05 & 06)
Autumn Grieve: guitar, vocals
Christian Frederickson: viola, mandolin

Tracks 01-04 were taken from Terra Infinita EP - 2007
Tracks 05-06 were taken from Another Window EP - 2001

A limited pressing of 100 silk screened discs, packaged in handmade canvas card wallets with one of ten herbal cover prints (The Common Yarrow, Dog Rose, The Elder, Hawthorn, Hemlock, Male-fern, The Osier, Sanicle, Scot's Lovage & Wormwood).
Each edition is individually numbered, bound in translucent paper and sealed with wax.

This young lady made one of the most intimate and beautifully recordings in years! Not to be missed this.


Jean Claude said...

Thanks for the links.
Autumn Richardson(Autumn Grieve) has worked with Richard Skelton on a new project:
*AR-"Wolf Notes" out in january 2011
on Sustain Release
You can order a copy here:
And listen a preview on Soundcloud here:

graaf24 said...

Thanks for info, great news! Great music too.

pozdrav, Graaf

Lotus Coatl said...

A pastoral beauty spills over this work, the listener is absorbed into an autumnal and pre-Raphaelite atmosphere. A gentle guitar and a distant piano are a mere sliding landascape under an ethereal voice. “Today the Rain” touches gently your inner chords.

Anonymous said...

I heard her song "The Calling" on YouTube.
I searched her, and I found here.
Her voice is sensitive, but I feel strong will and clear conviction.
Great voice! I thank you for your information.

Yamazaki from Mie, Japan.

Hung said...

Music for autumn. Thanks Graaf for sharing this with us. Those who like Autumn Grieve may also enjoy Still Light

graaf24 said...

Hi Hung,
Thanks for comment and link to Still Light clip. Entire album "Lything" from 2009 is great too.

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