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Birch Book with Annelies Monseré - Tangles Of The Vine (VPRO Session) - 2005

Quality: CBR 192 kbps
Label: CD-r, sold through the artist

01 Christina's Song
02 New Song
03 Song Of The Nightingale
04 The Wandering Boy
05 Aurora
06 Train To Rome
07 Warm Wind And Rain
08 Young Souls
09 New Joy

Live session in the studios of Dutch broadcaster VPRO, August 2, 2005

Composed By - B'ee (tracks: 2 to 4, 6 to 9)
Engineer - Berry Kamer
Lyrics By - B'ee (tracks: 5) , Blair Grant (tracks: 5) , Christina Rossetti (tracks: 1)
Recorded By - Berry Kamer
Annelies sings on several tracks recorded during a radiosession for VPRO.

Single take performances recorded and engineered by Berry Kamer for "De Avonden" on VPRO, Amsterdam, Holland.
This is the CDr edition, whereof only a few copies were sold through the artist.
CDr housed in foldout cartonbox-slipcase.

Very intimate and beautiful release, recommended!

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Lotus Coatl said...

“Tangles of the Vine” doesn’t introduce any variation on what it has said before in the sage of Birch Book but it works like a sort of “BBC Sessions”, with the typical bare and intimate radio phonic studio atmosphere.
Here you can listen to a complete show broadcasted by the Dutch VPRO radio in 2005: it’s a blend of old/new songs at the time of the show, with B'eirth using just his voice, one guitar and sometimes blowing the harmonica. The mellow Annelies Monseré’s voice supports in some spots but, in spite of disc credits, it doesn’t outstand and neither prints her landmark to this work.
The songs here sound much more deep and heartfelt than in their Birch Book albums: it’s a sort of B'eirth/ Birch Book through the looking glass with an absolutely – using a Nick Drake’ quote - “no frills” approach to the music.
The re-start of “Aurora”, “Warm Wind and Rain”, “The Wandering Boy”, “Train to Rome” has the touch of the master craftsman in the nostalgia-workshop. “Song of the Nightingale” is the hidden gem that spread his light among the whole “Tangles of the Vine”.
This album confirms us that the “Birch Book project” means a more oriented song-guitar-voice approach to folk subject, leaving aside the experimentation, to be included on the other hand in “In Gowan Ring project”.
I would spend some more words to “Song of the Nightingale”, delicate, melancholic, with literary referent, that speaks itself of the B'eirth’s genius.
A recommended album!

Thank you Graaf

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