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Laike - Fången i det senaste - 2014

Label: Monterey Discos, Valencia, Spain

01 Hör Inga Svar (I Hear No Answers)
02 Jämlikhet (Equality)
03 Frånvarons Tid (The Age of Abscence)
04 Ensamhetens Borg (The Castle of Loneliness)
05 Det Vi Gömmer (What We Hide)
06 Fången i Det Senaste (Trapped In The Latest)
07 Bort Från Istidens Sår (Away From The Wounds of The Ice Age)
08 Bland Får (Among Sheep)
09 Jag Stannar Kvar (I Remain)
10 Om Jag Har Fel (If I’m Wrong)
11 Arbeta På Så Du Inte Faller (Work On So You Don’t Fall)
12 Djurens Hämnd (The Revenge Of The Animals)

Christofer Ståhle: Lead vocals, background, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, silver flute, Wurlitzer, overtone singing, zither, hand clapping, whistling
David Svedmyr: Bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mellotron, vibraphone, piano, hand clapping
Johan Svedmyr: Drums, tambourines, shakers, gong, hand clapping
Lisa Isaksson: Wurlitzer, background vocals, silver flute, harp, saw, violin, hand clapping
Karin Engqvist: Organ and background vocals
Joel Öhlund: Background vocals and wailing
Mattias Gustavsson: Background vocals and shakers
Anna Myrsten: Background vocals
Gabriel Liljenström: Violin
Simon Svedmyr: Background vocals

My friend Laike (Christofer Ståhle) has a new album, "Fang and Det Senaste" (Trapped in the Latest) - 2014 (Vinyl LP 180g Die-Cut Cover, Monterey Discos DM-004,  500 copies edition).

As before, all 12 songs are very different. Very catchy melodies, excellent arrangements and a rich selection of instruments are dominant impressions on first hearing. 
For fans of Lisa O Piu (Lisa Isaksson, David Svedmyr) plays a lot of instruments. Album contains music with very nice touch of psychedelic music from early '70. 

And If it is hard to me to choose one in particular, at this time I like the most:
A3 Frånvarons Tid (The Age of abscence) and A6 Fang and Det Senaste (Trapped In The News), 
B4 Om Jag Fel Har (If I 'm Wrong) and the last song B6 Djurens Hämnd (The Revenge Of The Animals).

Highly Recommended!!!! 

Listen few songs from the album + much info:

1st album review:


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